Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why is morning important

good morning guys. first of want to great you good morning since I made this blog well morning ^_^. Now question why is morning important? I did ask my self why do I have to wake up early in the morning and do all the necessary things that I have to do when I can do it before or after lunch. Well here is my story about it.

Naturally I always stay up late woke up late, that was my routine especially when I was in college since my class start late afternoon. But this past few days I read a blog of a friend about being a morning person, she mentioned about coming to love being a morning person. After reading the entire blog God spoke to me, because before I had once prayed that He would change my body clock but it went back when I was in my season of exam. So this time it was totally different, for before for the sake to woke up because of work but this time He made it simply amazing why He wanted me to woke up early.

Early this morning around 6AM I think, I woke up with a joy in my heart, just cant figure it out but yes guys there is joy hehe. Before going down to start washing the dishes and cook food I started the day with a simple prayer (Remember my blog about Lesson from our encounter with Ondoy's wrath, look at lesson number 3 ^_^) then went down to do what is needed to do. My mom woke up because I made some little noise (she is so sensitive with noise, maybe that what I got from her anyway) and help me out with cooking. after few minutes she open our PC and I open youtube to play some P&W so we could here some music, its to quiet by the way we can only here the sounds of the birds outside, and continue with our work.After few moments, listening to New Life Worship - Here in Your presence. He reveal something in me. The day won't be complete without Me. He is right, He created heaven and earth, morning and night, Land and water, earth and sky this aren't complete when it lack one (read Genesis 1).
Its just amazing how He reveal simple things to us which we regret seeing for were to busy with life's endeavor. Now I somehow understand why He wants me up early morning. Its totally different when you enjoy the creation of our Lord in the morning for He shows us how magnificent He is by the rise of the sun to the hymn of the birds and the sounds of the wind. As I continue my walk and my understanding of my faith, I would treasure all lessons He has taught me and will share this to everyone possible. As the song goes, Here in Your presence I am undone, I'll be always undone for no one can make me complete but Christ alone.

have a blessed day ahead friend, my food I'm cooking for my dog is almost done (this is surely done) I have to go down stairs. bye ^__^


Blogger jaden.eliana said...

sa totoo lang, iba ang feeling when you wake up early talaga. i recently promised God and myself that i'll start living as a morning person talaga. :) no more sleepless nights! (except kapag my class na ule ako. haha!)

October 9, 2009 at 7:59 PM  
Blogger EZ said...

agree agree... sarap ng umaga...

October 10, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

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