Monday, October 26, 2009

The Walk

Walk? Really what’s with walking? I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and I pretty sure you to have experienced this not unless you never walk and just run or swim practically your whole life? Hahaha anyway this story I’m about to share is a bit insight of what I discover from all my past experiences of walking.

Last tuesday we were at University of the Philippines, we just had this crazy idea of hanging out in the campus for some reason, actually its the kwek kwek, isaw and barbecue that were there, awesome (yes guys our real reason going there is the street food wahahahaha delicious) never the less we had fun. After we full our stomach with all this bunch of foods, by the way I didn’t eat isaw for I don’t like the taste at all, and met new friends in the process Riz and Jaimee (nice meeting you guys) we walk around the campus finding place to stay and have some good old bonding time. As we were walking around I can’t help but be amazed on how I truly love walking. Seeing people jog, some are walking as well, friends hanging out in a bench, vehicles running around back and fort, birds flying above us, wind blowing in our ears, tress dance as wind goes by, sky turning off like a light bulb with dimmer on it, its just simply amazing how can a simple walk gives you a different perspective of the world.

You see we hurry too much in our lives that we forgot how beautiful the journey is. Were to focus in front when we can learn with what is in the side road of our life. We want everything to be fast, we ought to stop in a while to reflect on things that life showed us. Like a friend of mine said to her blog once “reflect on what I’ve learned so far with my journey”. To see the picture in a more detailed way you should once in a while look at it in a different angle or take the ride in a different way, start walking with Him and you’ll understand what I’m saying. Things may be different but I tell you this it’s an adventure worth taking.


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