Monday, November 2, 2009

Eight Below

Brotherhood bravery leadership humility faith hope and love these are some traits we should be having in our lives but will you believe me even dogs has this. Yes you got it right dogs.

Inspired by a true adventure, Eight Below is one adventure you would always love to remember. Jerry a survival guide of a science team in Antarctica has to leave his team of beloved sled dogs to survive the most unforgiving winter on the planet. Driven by Faith Hope and Love, he never stop trying to get back to his dogs to rescue them.

As for his team back in the Antarctica, Maya leading their team in surviving without her master’s presence. Being the head of the pack she leads them in food hunting and teaches Max (new trainee according to Jerry) how to become a head of the pack. Losing Old Jack (the retiring dog of the team) and Dewy (twin of Truman) and with Maya injured, Max who Maya entrusted the team to be led by him, struggles to become the head of the team. Story goes when you watch the movie ^__^

Funny how can a simple movie gives examples how to become a true leader and how to have faith to our master. I say watch this film guys it’s truly an inspiring movie. Oh I would love to have one just like Maya or Max ^__^.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow naman .... hehehe galing namna :D

November 4, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

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