Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I wish for Christmas is…

For the past few days I am reading Chinkee Tan’s For Richer and For Poorer and I must say I’m so blessed and honored to attend one of his seminars last week and by devoting my self on reading his book one thing surely hits me. I want to read more books and get the BIG IDEA and apply it in my life.

I realized the past few days why oh why I didn’t made it a habit to read books before. But as everyone says it “regrets are always in the end of a life journey” but hey it’s not yet the end. We can change our future by doing what is right today. So instead of my collection of model kits I would invest on things that will benefit my mind. And as I was walking by in a mall yesterday, a book for Ziglar caught my attention entitled secrets of closing the sale and few books by Francis Kong.

When investing to something, you would take time to wait for it to grow and bare fruit. And as you wait for it patiently, truly you would reap something you will never expect to be. That’s how are dad did it and it work pretty well so far. So what you sow is what you will reap. remember sow good reap good sow bad reap bad. the issue is always the choice. so choose very carefully.


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