Monday, August 2, 2010

Season of Waiting

Most of us waiting is one of the hardest thing we could ever do in our lives. Just as simply waiting for a friend to come up in a meeting or for your food to be served in a restaurant, it is so frustrating knowing that what you've been waiting for is just in the corner of the street or just behind the kitchen counter. And as I go through this season everybody calls "WAITING" God reveal something to me when I was on my way going home a few hours earlier from a small talk with a friend in Ortigas. I was in the pedestrian waiting shed waiting for a bus to come by, and as everyone was so eager to climb the bus that I was about to ride, something struck me, a little voice was telling me "rush and you'll get hurt and hurt others as well (collateral damage I must say) or wait until the right bus offers you the best ride of your life" and so as this vehicle approaches and as I climb in with the others who where waiting it hit me, Yeah waiting is not bad at all. Before I was so hurried up to go home and get some rest but instead of getting rest I'm stuck standing on the isle of the bus and now that God prune me to have the spirit of perseverance and an attitude to wait, I got to sit comfortably and sleep hehehe. And as I wrote this blog for this month one thing sure God made me realize, it is better to wait on what God to offer you than to pursue things you thought God offered. There is blessing in waiting as my friend keeps on telling me, and yeah in this "Season of Waiting" I will patiently wait until God gave me the green light and let me hit the gas slowly as He advance His kingdom through me.


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