Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun Fun FUN

Today was a fun fun FUN day, we had the whole day in our seminar "Walking the Small Group Tightrope" we learn a lot from our Fathers and Mentors, Kuya Abet your the best grabe, we enjoyed it thanks to all the activities we had, my favorite was the blind fold and the wall of frustration (I just named it by my self hahaha I hope i got it right) grabe lahat kami lumabas ang pagka-D hahaha am I right Kuya Jason hahaha, after I went to Trinoma with my two son Dave and Ian had dinner and hang out at Sbarro, this day was totally amazing and to end it God answered one prayer I've been asking Him for the past 6 months. Commission My Soul, I always wanted this album together with Devoted and now God never fails me. My only intension was to borrow an album of Devoted by Citipointe Live, turns out God also lend me Commission My Soul, now I'm listening to it and grabe still amazed and awe. As the seminar we had thought us that Relationship = Trust + Love (I remember this is our topic when my twin daughters are with me in UP techno Hub) all ends up with that relationship with Him, when you trust Him and Love Him, that relationship will always last.

Lesson I wont forget today is the principle of And, to know more about this visit us at Victory Greenhills @ Music Museum 3pm or 5pm every sunday. see you guys and I tell you, you wont regret your visit.


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