Friday, December 25, 2009

Poignant Christmas

I don’t know how to start this because to be honest my last funned memory of Yuletide season was last 1999. It’s fun seeing kids running around chasing their god mom and dad, hearing from the news, family having their quality time together going out in the mall, chilling out in a park or somewhere, but remember in this season and for the rest of the next whole year it’s all about love and harmony. And one thing I always wanting to have is those two, and nothing not even a pan in the shoulder or a favorite toy or food can ever satisfy a man’s urge to feel that strong bond of love and peace.

I never had regrets on things that came in my life. To be exact I’ve learned a lot in my mistakes and short comings. But as 10 years pass I only have on single wish for Christmas that is everything would change on the way God wanted it to be and that I may experience what does family and unity really feels like. Until that season come losing the faith is not an option, losing my trust in Him isn’t the way or trusting in my own understanding is not the solution but in prayer and faith that one day it won’t be a poignant Christmas and from that point onwards, may it be Christmas season or not, it will never be.


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