Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday I was with my two daughters Nikki and Nikai (twins po sila both named Nikki) and were just hanging around, ate street food at UP tpos music trip at the sunken, grabe amazing si bunso galing nya grabe her dadi would be her number one fan, she has a new composed song at galing tlga ng anak ko hehehe then walk around the campus. We ended up in UP Techno Hub at Razons, halo halo really hits the spot so hot kze, anyway and we had a little discussion about relationship and I'm just amazed on what I've learned with my daughters in terms of how they perceive relationship and how they wanted to pursue to have that relationship with the one who created them. here are some points in our discussion.

  • Relationship doesn't mean BF/GF it could also be friend, classmate, family, teacher, leaders and more
  • Relationship starts when you develop TRUST and LOVE
  • Relationship should start first with God, without understanding relationship with Him we wont understand having relationship with others
  • Relationship is one way, Relationships is two way - meaning you can still have relationship with people even if they don't have relationship with you, that's what you call compassion
  • TRUST and LOVE should always be equal, you cant love someone and don't trust him/her or you cant trust someone and don't love. see 1 Corinthians 13:1-3
  • Love, Trust and Relationship comes and start with God first. John 3:16-17
as Francis Kong said as I remember him said it once "you can learn anything from anyone" its just a matter of choice what to learn and what to apply in our lives. we were sent to be the salt and light of the world like God sent His Son to be one. our great commission is to reach the lost as what others did to us when we are lost. God loves us and always want to have relationship with us. Trust and Love two basic things we need to understand in building our relationship.


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