Friday, February 5, 2010

another year of 1life2live...

KM: Kuya Mark sama ka sakin bukas may event kami sa new manila

Mark: ano naman yan ha….

KM: 1life2live maganda to promise

Mark: ano yun????

KM: basta maganda yun, eto watch mo to video na to (send link)

After watching

Mark: hmmmm… cge pagmaaga ako nagicing ha kze late na ako nagigicing pag weekend, yun lng pahinga ko kze… I wont promise pero try ko ha

If I would remember this is the time God speak to me through this person who I never thought prayed for me for a very long time. The script could be not exact as how we talked that day, I couldn’t even remember the date she asked me to come over and try experiencing what is 1live2live is. But one thing is for sure God used this lady to get through in my heart and with that (and you know who you are) I just want to honor and thank you for standing by me in prayers.

Wonderful Beautiful Glorious Matchless in everyway as they describe God with His awesomeness and greatness but for me there would always be two words to describe my creator, Amazing and Surprising. Search for yours it would be different ^__^

Friday 02052010 as the day end surely He made this day amazing and surprising. Morning went to Sucat, Paranaque to check out some stuff (office work) amazing how big is the airplane is just flying above me woooo it was so humongous. Waaaa ang ganda promise hahaha. This day just can’t be more exciting as ever and truly enough it was an adventure. As every hour passed, flooded text came. I was shock how come all people know my date of birth, hahaha it was a fun fun day but I have one thing in mind, find the perpetrator who announced my birthday. Hehehe. Then came evening, went to kopiroti with Candice Marcell Rashid Tony and Marvin. Talked chill, we did there. Went to YC afterwards, Tony was getting dramatic with me reading hahaha somehow I loved reading lately. Then came everyone, and out of now here the perpetrator confessed her biggest stunt, hahaha. We laugh we chat we were so noisy to be honest hahaha. After all this it ends up with just one thing, honoring God. For with Him all things won’t be in reality. For the people who remembered my day thank you, you gave me a gift no one can snatch away. “The greatest gift a person can give is not a new gadget, a new shirt, money, but simply the presence and thought that they let you feel your existence and that makes you special, with occasion or without, nothing can match that”

To be continue…….


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