Friday, January 29, 2010

its a one life to live

today i never thought it would be a day were i will feel excited but at the same time gloomy. we lost a good friend, a good mentor, an older brother were you can always count on and a man who is without a doubt a servant of God. Kuya Don Roque is typical guy were you will always see wearing that smile not only in his face but in his heart. He never fails to share what Christ shared in his life, somehow when ever we had a chance to talk to each other, even just for few minutes or so, there would always be smile, joy and peace resting in this man that I always notice. Never in my life that I saw a man who dedicate his entire life serving. the KC will miss you kuya don, thank you for sharing your life to us and sharing the love Christ had for you. we love you kuya and see you soon ^__^ were going to see each other i know ^__^

I started this entry with a little bit excitement, yes guys excitement for well needless to say excited because finally I can say, were only have one life to live out the life our creator lend us and what ever happen to us, whether bad or good, or the people around us there would always be one truth that will never fails. Jesus loves us.

this is a one life to live with, what are you going to do about it? do everything with love and fear to God.


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