Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grace surpass them all

"if we understand what God's grace is... everything will fit" - Joseph Bonifacio

I was listening to Rica's husband podcast last night and as he said "everything will fit if we understand God's grace for us" as he read the passage from Ephesians 2 all seems made sense. Before i always see that i need to work my way to get everyone's favor but as much as i tried all seems to be loss. But when i understand how His grace abound in me, everything i didn't understand suddenly made sense. everything fits.

in our journey in life, there would be always things, situations, people, events that we would not understand, but God's grace surpass them all. without His grace we wouldn't be loved, probably we even don't exist today but God loves us so much that He gave everything to us even we don't deserve what He give. Understanding that God is love and love is God surpass every knowledge the human can have, and the privilege to understand His grace is one gift we should appreciate.


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