Wednesday, May 26, 2010


in our lives we thought we are the big star of a story we ought telling others. Recently me and my friends went to an event so big that we just cant wait for it to come. PASSION MANILA WT2010 it was a great concert I say, we sing we dance we listen and above all were all united to bring praise to the one living God. And as Louie Giglio talks about a real life experience that happen between him and his wife, its a movie experience by the way, it made me think other way like how Louie mention what God revealed to him that day. History is all about His story not mine, its all about what His done for us, its all about what He is capable of doing, its all about Him. Jesus. He is the main star He is the producer He is the writer He is all. and for me well I, I'm just in the film an extra but with significance because God has save me through Jesus. if it wasn't for Jesus I wont be at His-story.


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