Saturday, September 11, 2010

Volunteer's Eye View

Last night was a blast. one of the best experience I ever had. Now I appreciate more what I've been doing the past months in church and most specially I totally appreciate all the full time workers who handles us volunteers, guys your patience and heart for the volunteers are amazing we grateful to work with you guys. Yesterday was the day all volunteers, attendees and production been waiting for, Citipointe Live Commision My Soul Worship Concert, and all BMI and their volunteers was so busy preparing for the event. Ushers, productions, tech, security, BMI peeps even the artist themselves are busy preparing for a wonderful encounter to a wonderful a living God. All was excited some are nervous, I'm one of the nervous hahaha actually I think I was the only one who is nervous anyway and as time fly and as the lights turned off and we introduce the first two artist for opening act people just cant wait for Citipointe and experience their worship for our King. We as volunteers in the other hand excited and busy accompanying the audience stuff and the artist of their needs. Ate Anne and Ate Jen was so kulit, Love these two woman of faith and work, grabe mga Ate I salute you guys, pero ate Jen Cahiles po ha hindi Cajilles hahahaha edited na as you can see bwahahaha ^__^ and as the night was already at its end we enjoyed our work. yes it was tiring, head aching to be exact, but it was FUN. Fun to serve His people, Fun to work with His people and fun loving His people. All in all it was not about us, not even about the artist or their accomplishments but it was all for the Glory of God. Who without Him, without his creative works and gift of salvation offered to everyone, all things cant be possible be done. And now I'm off to serve again to Greenhills. God I love You thank You for this strength and love. I love LOVE.


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