Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First the Daughter now the Mother: Humbled and Honored

A good friend of mine text me earlier about what she did and what God revealed to her. Here is part of her message...

"I made some mistakes again.. I'm so hard on myself for it. I prayed for forgiveness and the Lord rebuked me. Telling me that I needed to rely on Him more not on anyone else here. To have courage and faith in Him in what I do. Grabe I'm so humbled."

As I read her message it was honoring for me. Why so? I always look up to this friend for I see a good mother image to her and a faithful Ate. Also a great colleague in our work as a volunteer. And as she message me this, it made me admire more of our Creator. How humbling it is to be rebuked by the one who made you. I mean He is a perfect God, He can always create someone as perfect as Him but He choose not to, for us to leave one portion of our live unoccupied. A space for improvement. I'm so honored to be working together with a person willing to step down and admit she has something to improve on. Made me think, I need to search my heart. I could be keeping a callous and proud heart already and not knowing it. Thank you Ate Monica. Thank you for your humbled heart so honored to work with you and your humbling child as well. Until next time as we explore God's perfect faith in us. I Love Wednesday ^__^


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