Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Christmas wish list

As you read the title yup this blog is for this month and as you can see its about what I wish for this Christmas season. Although I haven't entered one last month probably I consider one story that month and share it here.

Last month me and my brothers went to HK together with out mom. Although the trip made me excited and all, I didn't totally enjoyed it since half of it I got sick from food or water I took in. But one lesson I'm sure I will keep with my self since that adventure. Transformation of one self doesn't fall on one place you should be change everywhere you go.

But enough with that probably will detailed it on my next blog. For now here is my wish list for this Christmas season, although you might probably see this very dream like but hey anyone can dream right ^__^.

1. For my faith and beliefs grows not only with God but the things He has been sharing to me all year.
2. Hope I could change my view on reading stuff, I wish I could read more books than stare in my pc all day working or doing just some junk stuff.
3. For my family to be in peace and unity with God.
4. Salvation not only for my family but their extended relatives.
5. Reconciliation of my parents through Christ.
6. A partner I can share my victories and lesson of defeat in life.
7. A home for me and my family.
8. A partner for my Kuya. He is kind off old, and he can use a helping hand a kind heart in life.
9. Salvation for my friends and their families. This includes my small group happy.
10. A book set of The Chronicles of Narnia.

I wont be posting this in my facebook or multiply but I hope when you got to read this as you open other blogs that I will post in my social media sites you be inspired and right your own wish list. Remember christmas is not only about the things we want or things we need, its about Christ and what He wants for us in our lives. Why would it be called CHRISTmas if it wasn't a reminder that Jesus came for the masses to save us. Merry Christmas.


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