Monday, May 16, 2011

The RH bill

I just notice lately that people, news and topics raise one issue. THE RH BILL.

People are confused on this bill and it seems going around who is against and who are favor on it, but have we tried seeing it in a different way? Have we really tried understanding what does God plans on raising up again this issue in our country?

A friend of mine blog about this in his facebook account and God revealed something to me through his blog. Right Heart Bill not Reproductive Health Bill. The issue is not the act but the heart itself.

"I do not need rules or the lack of it for that matter to dictate my morality and how I should do life. My morals are simply dictated by God's word"

my friend blog and this strikes me. Yes it is God's command and LOVE that I need to focus on not what the world dictates what is right or wrong. God is the creator of this world, we need to believe Him more than His creation, beside He knows better of us than us.

Here is the blog of my good friend and see how God revealed to him about this issue.


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