Monday, May 16, 2011

The RH bill

I just notice lately that people, news and topics raise one issue. THE RH BILL.

People are confused on this bill and it seems going around who is against and who are favor on it, but have we tried seeing it in a different way? Have we really tried understanding what does God plans on raising up again this issue in our country?

A friend of mine blog about this in his facebook account and God revealed something to me through his blog. Right Heart Bill not Reproductive Health Bill. The issue is not the act but the heart itself.

"I do not need rules or the lack of it for that matter to dictate my morality and how I should do life. My morals are simply dictated by God's word"

my friend blog and this strikes me. Yes it is God's command and LOVE that I need to focus on not what the world dictates what is right or wrong. God is the creator of this world, we need to believe Him more than His creation, beside He knows better of us than us.

Here is the blog of my good friend and see how God revealed to him about this issue.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

See the Light

And at last I see the light...

I was so grateful that I saw the light. For without it I would be still blinded and lost. The reason why I say this because of what I experience personally last week with our tour in Visayas. It is the light that made me see things the way God wanted me to see it. Realizing many things not only with people but with myself. Love and compassion for others. Understanding and patience for me. I just love being disciplined, for I knew I am loved.

And the fog has somehow lifted...

Truly a fog of bitterness and self centeredness was all around me when things sometimes doesn't go my way. I rudely complain on things when all to blame was me. It was me that made that way, me who made me feel it and its me who reacts on it. But when the light of others step inside my view range and letting me see what they see, the fog totally lifted and now I see my own heart harboring things I shouldn't have kept way long before. THANK YOU for my accountability partners.

And it's like the sky is new...

Now that fog finally gone I can see the a new sky waiting for me to gaze. New hope and new heart to love. Surely it was a new canvas to paint with. When people who loves you and God who teaches you is always at your side, there would always be a new sky to hope for. Like after a storm we always look forward for a new blue sky to see, and as you pass those storm surely you will be transformed and the new sky gives new hope for you.

And its warm and real and bright and the world has somehow shifted...
All at once everything is different now that I see You...

It is different when seeing a real thing than imagining for nothing, but this season that I'm currently experiencing is somehow different. Before I always wonder how can I see someone I don't see in my bare naked eyes but somehow God made His way to reveal Himself to me by flesh. I still don't understand it but somehow I'm seeing God with everyone. Warm, Real and Bright as ever. I remember how Moses shines after speaking with God at Mt. Sinia, this is how I see people, people how constantly attached themselves to their creator. They have made this world different by obeying and understanding the one who created them. I heard this saying," the creation will never be detached from its creator, for part of the creator is in the creation." and now everything is different for now I see God with everyone. Finally I can say I wouldn't regret seeing the light because it made my life different now that I see You.