Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Desperate People

Remembering Jacob's attitude when he wrestle with God just for God to bless him. Talking about desperate. But don't you think we all should have the same attitude? to be desperate on what God has promised our forefathers and being obedient in Him. There is two things we should observe in what Jacob did when He wrestle with God. First Desperation, he didn't let go until he was blessed by the man he was wrestling with. Second is risk taker, knowing that it was God still he didn't let go. knowing that no man ever lived after seeing God face to face is a risk Jacob take just for God to bless him, see Genesis 32:30. As you reflect on this blog maybe this song would help you more to learn how to be more desperate not only for His promises but for His love.

You cross the great divide, You took our place
You offered up Your life, for we have failed
The veil was torn and love remained
You are holy Lord

Distraction costs us, how we seek Your face
We offer up our lives to bring You praise
A love the walls cannot contain
You are holy Lord

We didn't come to leave here entertained
Or worship under any other name
We're crying out for You alone
You are holy Lord

We're rising up in spirit and in truth
A living sacrifice we worship You
People undivided Lord hear us sing
We are Yours and You are our king

This is our love
Hearts joined as one
Desperate for all You are
Lord break down these walls
And see how we love
Desperate for all You are
We chase Your heart

Show us the way to Your heart

We found our voice
We found our cause
We're on our knees, the carpet's worn
We join our hearts
With distant shores sing to You Lord

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Running after You

Your Word is a light unto my path
Your love guides me through my darkest night
and even though sometimes Your ways
I cannot understand
I'll never walk away because my future's
in Your Hands

I don't care what people will say
I won't turn back and go their way

don't matter what may come my way
it's You I'm following today

I was reminded by my Father what His Son did when He was with us here on earth and this song complete His revelation to me. I'm Running after You, simple as it is but it takes discipline and grace from God to do this running thing. It is pursuing His righteousness over our desires, over our wants, our craving, over our selfish pursue and letting God go ahead of us and follow Him. It's like when your in mountain climbing unless you want to wonder in the wilderness without any direction you go your way and forget what the guide's instruction for you. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying your ways or my ways are wrong, but we were given wisdom and understanding to use and understand if the path were taking is for our own good or not. It's all about acceptance and humility, to run against the world or against Him. choose your way wisely. were do you run after?

watch and listen to planetshakers Running after You click the link below
By Planetshakers
Praise Him Album
Disc 1

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grace surpass them all

"if we understand what God's grace is... everything will fit" - Joseph Bonifacio

I was listening to Rica's husband podcast last night and as he said "everything will fit if we understand God's grace for us" as he read the passage from Ephesians 2 all seems made sense. Before i always see that i need to work my way to get everyone's favor but as much as i tried all seems to be loss. But when i understand how His grace abound in me, everything i didn't understand suddenly made sense. everything fits.

in our journey in life, there would be always things, situations, people, events that we would not understand, but God's grace surpass them all. without His grace we wouldn't be loved, probably we even don't exist today but God loves us so much that He gave everything to us even we don't deserve what He give. Understanding that God is love and love is God surpass every knowledge the human can have, and the privilege to understand His grace is one gift we should appreciate.